Direct Investments

“I know what it’s like to develop a company so I want my money invested in the real economy.”



Our exclusive network and privileged partnerships in the Silicon Valley and in Europe enable us to directly access companies not yet listed on the stock market. These direct investments are dedicated exclusively to qualified investors.

Typically, the companies we target for you are those that are growing well, with recurrent revenues, likely to go IPO or be bought by another company within two to four years offering the potential of high returns. (Some examples of recent closed transactions are below.)

We have also established accesses to private debt opportunities, focused mostly on senior secured and fully collateralized financing with ability to realize the collateral in an adverse environment. The objective of this type of investment is to help you generate a yield of between 8% and 12%.

26 investments

6 exits

USD 325mio invested

“What they show me will never be available in a bank.”

In November 2017, we obtained access to an investment in Dropbox for our clients, only four months ahead of the IPO. The stock opened in the public exchange at +35% from our entry price.

In October 2020 we invested into Sophia Genetics. 8 months later Sophia Genetics has successfully completed its IPO on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol “SOPH.” The IPO was priced at market capitalization of ~$1.1 billion. Since then, the share price is up 10%. Our MOIC based on the IPO price has been 1.58x.

In late 2015, we invested in DocuSign. The company went IPO in April 2018 and the stock opened at +90% from our entry price. We are also strong proponents of this technology and implemented it in our processes, with e-signature required on most documentation.

We have been investors in Lyft since 2015 and participated in several funding rounds from a first valuation of $3.7 billion. In June 2018, the company raised $600 million from Fidelity at a valuation of $15 billion. They came IPO in March 2019 at a valuation of $24 billion.

In May 2018, we partnered with a recognized venture capital firm to structure an investment into HMD (Nokia) for our clients to invest alongside tier one investors including Foxconn. Since this round was reserved for “partners,” we benefited from a very attractive pre-money valuation.

In mid-2017, we invested into TransferWise, the fintech company disrupting money transfers. Since then, the company has maintained a growth rate of 70% YoY. Recently it announced a deal with a major European bank to offer inexpensive currency transfers to its clientele.

Back in 2015, we invested in Palantir, the big data analytics company backed by PayPal’s co-founder Peter Thiel. The company was valued at $13.2 billion at the time. It went public (IPO) in September 2020 and was valued at $44 billion in February 2021, when our investment lock-up ended.

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