Our Added Value

Why choose AlphaSwiss Partners?

Our alpha – our added value – lies in the fact that we are true partners to our clients. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals will provide you with a clear and reliable wealth management experience, to generate added value and bring you peace of mind.

Protecting your interests

Our long experience in major banks ensures that your banking relationships are managed according to your guidelines and needs. Thanks to our high-tech tools, which provide easy access to your portfolio, we can monitor your investments and fee payments on a daily basis.

We also apply our expertise to helping you select from the investments proposed by financial providers. By means of our filtering process, we identify the investments best suited to your goals and generating the highest added value.



Unbiased advice

Our core pricing model is based solely on advisory fees, guaranteeing truly objective advice. We have no conflicts of interest and focus solely on what is best for you, our client.

With our open-architecture platform we are free to seek out the products and services offering you the highest potential, without any bias.

Personalized service

We are committed to understanding your needs and aspirations, so as to provide you with a flexible, tailor-made solution.

Our customised consolidated reports make it easy for you to review your portfolio’s performance. And by fostering an open, collaborative relationship, we can adapt to your evolving needs, while anticipating market developments and seizing opportunities.



Generating performance

Our investment philosophy focuses on absolute returns. We dedicate our expertise to building your wealth over time, through investment in a combination of asset classes and exposures dependent on the most compelling valuations.

As our client you will benefit from highly competitive banking conditions– for example on securities transaction fees and custody fees. We negotiate these advantages for you through our status as a corporate external wealth manager and the daily volumes of bulk business from our customers.

Enhancing transparency

It is our practice to provide transparent information about fees related to our clients’ activities with other financial institutions.

We also provide access to details of fees paid for each transaction, with full transparency regarding retrocessions.